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The Girltrash! Wiki is an interactive encyclopedia dictated to the web-series series Girltrash! and the Films based off of the web-series. Established on April 11, 2011 by fans. Airing in 2007 Girltrash acquired a cult like fan base that's still watching and following the series to this day. If you haven't already Sign up and help us expand.

About Girltrash!

Girltrash! is set in the criminal underworld of Los Angeles with a dark but over the top Miami Vice vibe, 'Girltrash!' follows the story of five ass-kicking girls: tough-as-nails Tyler; her partner Daisy; con-artist LouAnne; and gang-bangers Misty and Colby, who try to get by any way they can, even if it means double crossing your best friend or former lover. A gang war is brewing. You'll be asked to... pick a side.

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